The Story

You never know who you are surrounded by.
It could be your neighbor, your coworker, even your best friend at school.
Vampires have seamlessly melted into modern day society and have lived side by side regular citizens for hundreds of years now.
This night has been going on for thousands of years.  Over cobblestone streets and through dense woods.  Citizens running for their lives when on one night, the senses of every Vampire on earth are overwhelmed by one insatiable need, blood.
This is the night primal instincts go unchecked.  Blood thirsty vampires will lurk in the shadows, behind trees and everywhere you can imagine to transform citizens to increase their numbers and strength, while citizens will run to protect their mortality.
The hunt begins soon… and never really ends.

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How does the V5K work and what is it all about?

Vampire 5k is an one-of-a-kind Vampire themed event.

Here’s how it works:
  1.  Sign up as a either a Vampire or Citizen.
  2. Vampires will have a designated spot on course to try and “convert” the Citizens, who will be running.   There will only be 100 Vampires to start registration so if this is YOU, they will sell out fast. Run starts at dusk!
  3. The hunt is on. Vampires try to convert Citizens by “marking” them red (red powder) .  Citizens try to escape with their mortality intact.
  4. Gotta celebrate at the after party.

Join us in September and get ready to confirm what we have known all along, running sucks!

Are you the hunter or the hunted?


Under the light of a full moon we come together to hunt. We drink our fill and roam the night looking for others who would be like us—children of blood and night.
Increase your Clan, convert Citizens, and win the night. You can have eternity…if you don’t mind a little blood.
For generations we’ve heard the whispered stories, the warnings to stay indoors during a full moon.
Some fail to heed the warnings. Others go out looking for danger—some only run when they’re being chased. The trick is not to get caught.
Run for your life, avoid Vampires and make it to the finish line—or spend the rest of eternity as one of the undead.
Choose your fate…
Vampire or Citizen? Do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt? Or do you only run while being chased?
Read more about the event and the after party on our FAQ’S PAGE.