The Story

For thousands of years this “event” has taken place, just not in plain site, not until now.  What used to happen by moonlight on cobblestone streets and in the dense woods away from the modern world now takes place on a set date, at a set location.  Over population and lack of seclusion in a technology driven, social media laden world has turned an event from purely survival, to spectator sport AND survival.

Citizens will run a given course, 5 kilometers in this case, and try to weave through the Vampires who have waited exactly one year for this feeding.  

Vampires, a small and set in their numbers, will tend to their part of the course and try to “convert” as may citizens as they can by marking them with their blood in powder form (red corn starch).

After the running, the Vampires and Citizens convene for a truce between the two is agreed upon for the rest of the night until each of the Citizens has closed their eyes for the night.  The blood powder marking allows the Vampires to track for their final feeding, long after the festivities end and often in the confines of the dreamers mind, which happens to be enough.

How does the V5K work and what is it all about?

Vampire 5k is an one-of-a-kind Vampire themed event.

The Vampire 5k is a fun run set at Flat Acres Farm at sunset during the beginning of our beautiful Colorado fall.  When you sign up to run, you are signing up to run as a “Citizen”.  During the run you will encounter random “Vampires” hiding in the mist, trying to mark you with red powder.  The course is a winding, fairly flat course on mostly dirt path through open fields, abandoned buildings, a hay-bale maze, creek beds and more adventurous features. 

The run ends with a post race festival with music, dancing, red beer (one per participant over 21), vendors, make up artists, and other vampire themed fun!  You’ll also love your “Running Sucks” tee shirt!

If you sign up as a Vampire, there are only 50 spots available, you will get to have your own spot on course to try and mark the runners.  Chase them, scare them, and whatever you feel you need to do without touching them! Vampires will have unique custom shirts for their role!

Here’s how it works:
  1.  Sign up as a either a Vampire or Citizen.
  2. Vampires will have a designated spot on course to try and “convert” the Citizens, who will be running.   There will only be 50 Vampires to start registration so if this is YOU, they will sell out fast. Run starts at dusk!
  3. The hunt is on. Vampires try to convert Citizens by “marking” them red (red powder) .  Citizens try to escape with their mortality intact.
  4. Gotta celebrate at the after party.

Join us in September and get ready to confirm what we have known all along, running sucks!

Are you the hunter or the hunted?


Under the light of a full moon we come together to hunt. We drink our fill and roam the night looking for others who would be like us—children of blood and night.
Increase your Clan, convert Citizens, and win the night. You can have eternity…if you don’t mind a little blood.
For generations we’ve heard the whispered stories, the warnings to stay indoors during a full moon.
Some fail to heed the warnings. Others go out looking for danger—some only run when they’re being chased. The trick is not to get caught.
Run for your life, avoid Vampires and make it to the finish line—or spend the rest of eternity as one of the undead.
Choose your fate…
Vampire or Citizen? Do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt? Or do you only run while being chased?
Read more about the event and the after party on our FAQ’S PAGE.