The hunt begins September 30th, 2017
Denver, CO


What is the Vampire 5K?

The Vampire 5K is NOT a race.  No chip timing, just fun.  This is for everyone out there who says they only like running if they are being chased.

When you sign up to run, you are signing up to run as a “Citizen”.  During the run you will encounter random “Vampires”  trying to “transform you” with red powder.  
The course is a winding, fairly flat course on mostly dirt path and trails.  You will run pass creeks, through woods and big open fields at sunset during the beginning of our Colorado fall.  The setting will be like no other other 5k as we run at dusk and will have unique features on the course like a haybale maze, abandoned buildings and more surprises.
The run ends with a post race festival with music, dancing, red beer (one per participant over 21), vendors, make up artists, and other vampire themed fun!  You’ll also love your “Running Sucks” tee shirt!

If you sign up as a Vampire, there are only 100 spots available, you will get to have your own spot on course to try and mark the runners.  Chase them, scare them, and whatever you feel you need to do without touching them! Vampires will have unique custom shirts for their role!

See our About page for the full story…..

Should I register as a Vampire or “Citizen”

Ask yourself: do I only run if I am being chased or do I love the thrill of the chase?
Also ask yourself: am I a blood hungry vampire looking for my next victim to transform?
NOTE: Previous versions of the Vampire 5k had both Vampires and Citizens running.  However, this is a new version.  There will only be 100 Vampires and they will be set up throughout the course to try to “mark” the citizens with the red blood powder (red corn starch).

What is a clan?

From ancient days Vampires hunted and lived in a group called a Clan. Being with and around one’s clan members make Vampires quicker and more powerful.

What is a troop?

Troops are large groups of Citizens that know that safety in numbers is a real thing out there when fending for yourself is just too overwhelming.

Is there an age limit?

Must be at least 8 years old to participate!

Does Vampire 5K benefit anything?

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Bonfils Blood Centers  of Colorado!   
Don’t be a Vampire……..we encourage all runners to get out there and donate blood before the run.

Bonfils has proudly served as Colorado’s nonprofit community blood center since 1943 and you’re just our type. Learn more about how you can help patients in need by donating blood three times a year and join Bonfils’ lifesaving cause today!

What if I am an actual vampire?

We are happy to have you at the event, just please refrain from actually biting anyone.


What if I want to be a part of the event but can’t or don’t want to run?

If you are a friend or family of a runner there is no charge to come watch and hang out after the run!  


What happens at the Finish?

The after party will be ‘To Die For’ with music, red colored beverages, dancing and more fun Vampire themed festivities.

Where is the event?

The event is held at the beautiful Flat Acres Farm in Parker, CO!


Where is packet pick up?

We will let you know very soon.

There will also be day of packet picket up at 5 pm at Flat Acres Farm

When does the run start?

6:30 pm (depending on your wave)

What is the cost?

$40 for individual Citizen and Vampire entries and $35 for Citizen teams of 4 or more (priced per person).  This is our early bird pricing so make sure to register early for the best rates!!

What does entry include?

–  Run entry
– Tshirt (custom tee for Vampires)
– Red glow stick for our amazing after party
–  1 red beverage or beer for participants of age
– Vampire makeover for vampires ONLY before the event (make-up available for citizens post event with a recommended $5 donation to our charity partner Bonfils Blood centers)

What else should I bring?

  • A change of clothes
  • Clothing based on weather, gets cool in September at night
  • ID if you want an alcoholic beverage